What a way for True & Under The Volcano to start 2013

Huge congrats to the team of True for winning the Yellow account after a big pitch!

Under The Volcano was part of the pitch team and worked on insights, ideation and was a sounding board for the True team.

It was great working together with the True team and with the client team from Yellow during this pitch.

Read more about this big win for True here: http://www.stoppress.co.nz/blog/2013/02/yellow-ditches-ddb-rapp-tribal-upstart-true-new-agency

and here


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Getting started

Under The Volcano is in full start-up mode.

No official launch or announcement with big promises scheduled. Just working on those first projects and getting some points on the scoreboard for our clients.

And saving for an exciting website. So, sorry for this very basic WordPress ‘coming soon’ ‘sorry-excuse-for-a-website’ website, but you will understand that we focus on the work for our clients first. It’s not a case of ‘The cobbler’s children always go barefoot.’

We will share news of our projects and our thinking with you. And stuff that inspires us.

Please get in touch via Twitter or Facebook. We would also love to hear from you.